Miss the misinformation – Strengthening the capacities of local communities to respond to misinformation and gendered disinformation



The main objective of this project is to launch and sustain the “Small Town News Digital Platform,” focusing on providing accurate, ethical, and localized news coverage, aimed to combat disinformation and promote gender-sensitive reporting. In addition, the purpose is to stimulate and promote ethical journalism via implementing journalistic awards.

Scaling-up actions to tackle air pollution



The main objective of this project is to build and enhance the capacity of journalists, particularly younger ones, for high-quality, impactful reporting on air pollution, thereby sustaining public awareness and fostering engagement in tackling air pollution. The project also aims to establish productive cooperation between journalists and project stakeholders.

Countering foreign propaganda & disinformation by strengthening the capacity of media and journalists

Strengthening the capacities of journalists in the direction of acquiring skills for dealing with misinformation and their recognition, i.e. through raising awareness among journalists and the media on this topic, will have a positive impact on raising awareness among citizens

Legal aid and psychological support


The goal of the project is to provide legal assistance to journalists and media workers who need it. Psychological support is also of great importance for journalists, because threats and attacks while doing their work leave a mark, but also pressure on various grounds in the newsroom.

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) are a slap in the face to citizens and the public interest


The goal of the project, which includes journalists and media workers, the media community, and relevant institutions, is to contribute to raising awareness of the risk that strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) have for freedom of expression, through preventive tools that will educate the stakeholders. With regard to the educational component, it is planned through joint work to draw up specific guidelines that will define this type of lawsuit in the local context and the potential consequences that may arise, not only for the right to freedom of expression but also for the right to information.

Safe Journalists Network


The project, which is intended for representatives of national state institutions, international actors with the power to influence the policy debate and action, civil society organizations, journalists and media experts aims to contribute to the creation of a favorable environment in which the freedom of expression is fully realized while violence, threats and pressures on journalists are promptly and precisely monitored by law enforcement and judicial authorities, as well as publicly condemned by government officials

Training Academy for journalists and media workers – T-AJM


The project is intended for journalists, media workers, media, civic and journalistic organizations, researchers, policy and decision-makers, and the public. The goal is to contribute to the improvement of social opportunities that are important for creating an environment for freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

Protection of freedom of expression and independence of the media as pillars of democracy in the Republic of North Macedonia


The goal of the project is to contribute to the creation of a more favorable legal and political environment that will enable the exercise of freedom of expression and the independence of the media as pillars of democracy in RNM, but at the same time to contribute to the protection of the fundamental rights of journalists. The short-term goal of the project is to encourage greater journalistic solidarity and strengthen the role of AJM in protecting the journalistic profession and promoting sustainable systemic solutions for a more favorable media environment.



Recognizing misinformation in online media – practices and solutions


The goal is to provide a forum for open discussion on the topics of misinformation in online media for journalists, and media workers from online media in the country.



Strengthening Media Freedom in North Macedonia



The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the creation of an environment in which media freedom and freedom of expression are respected and can be practised without fear or pressure. In particular, the project focuses on building the capacities of both journalists and justice actors to develop a more effective response to cases of intimidation and threats.

Trade Union for a Fair Recovery



To improve cooperation at the institutional level between ZNM and the Ministry of the Interior through a joint protocol for the safety of female journalists in the online space as well as through activities that include training of target groups that will contribute to greater visibility.