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Representatives of the AJM met with the representatives of the Chinese Journalists’ Association

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Tuesday August 15th, 2017Tuesday August 15th, 2017/ Tuesday August 15th, 2017

Representatives of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia met with the Chinese delegation led by the General Secretary of the Chinese Journalists’ Association „All-China Journalists Association“.

At the official meeting that was held last Friday, it was discussed about renewal of the joint cooperation between the two associations. The meeting also served to exchange experiences regarding the functioning and activities of the two associations, the current problems and challenges faced by journalists in both countries were also discussed during the meeting.

AJM Executive Director, Dragan Sekulovski stressed that AJM is always open for cooperation with all journalistic associations from other countries. “AJM is ready to continue the past cooperation with the Chinese Journalist Association in order to exchange journalists who would participate in study visits and other activities in the direction of promoting the professional journalistic standards” he said.

Within this visit, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia organized meetings for the Chinese delegation with several domestic media in order to help in creating future mutual cooperation.