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Professional journalists should not have conflict of interest

Friday May 31st, 2019Friday May 31st, 2019/ Friday May 31st, 2019

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia urges its members and all journalists who have conflicts of interest and have other engagements within the Government or other public institutions to determine whether they will work in journalism or some other public profession or function.

Following the information in public that certain journalists are employed by institutions at the state and local level, we want to point out that this is contrary to the Code of Journalists of Macedonia. In the fundamental principles, which have been accepted by all of our members, one of the basic professional tasks of journalists is “to control the government and other subjects of public life”.

Furthermore, according to the Code, “journalists play a role in building the democracy and civil society, they will defend human rights, dignity and freedom, will respect the pluralism of ideas, will contribute to strengthening the rule of law and control the government and the other subjects of public life “.

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