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Journalists have to be more responsible when communicating through social media

Monday September 16th, 2019Monday September 16th, 2019/ Monday September 16th, 2019

Journalists have a much greater responsibility to the public every time they speak, no mater if they do it through the media or social networks. Hence the report of journalist Ljupco Zlatev posted on the social network Facebook saying that the Prosecutor Fatime Fetai “will not even be able to drink out of sadness, because women are beaten in Bogovinje for drinking …”, can be considered to incite discrimination and intolerance on the basis of gender and nationality or ethnicity.

This inappropriate communication is in contradiction with the Ethical Code of Journalists, which states in Article 10: “The journalists shall not consciously create or process information that jeopardize the human rights and freedoms, shall not use hate speech and shall not encourage discrimination of any sort (nationality, religion, sex, social class, language, sexual orientation, political orientation…)”

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