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AJM: The case of 1TV is the last alarm for urgent media reforms

Thursday July 18th, 2019Thursday July 18th, 2019/ Thursday July 18th, 2019

Recent developments with the detention of Bojan Jovanovski, manager in 1TV, raise doubts about serious media abuse for personal wealth of individuals. This development of events related to 1TV is also a blow to the reputation of professional journalism, and if there is no proper legal resolution, it can cause a decrease in the confidence of journalists and the media as a whole.

AJM also expresses concerns about the situation of the journalists and media workers employed in this TV station who can be left on the streets due to this scandal. This may additionally have a negative impact on the overall labor market in the media sector.

This situation should be the last alarm for urgent implementation of the announced and promised reforms in the media sphere, but also in the overall media business, through the necessary monitoring regarding the way the media is financed and in relation to the ownership.

We urge the Government and opposition through the Parliament to find a mechanism for immediate unblocking of parliamentary procedures and to continue the reforms important for the media. We emphasize and reiterate that all deadlines for the election of the new members in the MRT Program Council and the Council of AVMS have been violated.

These are preconditions that should lead to the final creation of an environment in which the private media, as well as the public service, will be able to function independently, in the interest of the public.

We urge the AVMS to conduct emergency surveillance in order to determine whether the 1TV has violated the provisions of the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

Also, we call the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje as well as the competent institutions to promptly and efficiently investigate the public’s doubts that the institutions act selectively and do not work in the interest of the citizens. A quick legal resolution of the case will be very important for the future of employed journalists and media workers in the 1TV.

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