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AJM signed MoU with the Ombudsman of the Republic of North Macedonia

Wednesday May 15th, 2019Wednesday May 15th, 2019/ Wednesday May 15th, 2019

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ombudsman of the Republic of North Macedonia. The purpose of this Memorandum is to improve and formalize the cooperation that AJM has with the Ombudsman.

The President of AJM Mladen Chadikovski emphasized that this Memorandum, demonstrates the institutional will of the Ombudsman for greater protection of journalists in the country. “Part of our obligations arising from the MoU are organizing seminars and workshops, publishing analyzes, as well as creating campaigns for raising the awareness of citizens about the role of the Ombudsman in promotion of protection of the rights of journalists and the freedom of speech, as well as the importance of journalists to freely and safely perform their professional duties,” said Chadikovski.

Moreover, Chadikovski said that AJM and the Ombudsman will work to promote transparency and accountability of institutions, as well as accurate and timely information of citizens and the public in general.

“By protecting the rights of journalists we protect the public, because only free and safe journalists guarantee professional reporting and a well-informed public,” said Chadikovski, adding that this is the main reason why AJM actively works and cooperates with all relevant institutions so colleagues can feel safe on the ground while performing their professional tasks.


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