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AJM reestablished the section of sports journalists

Saturday February 23rd, 2019Saturday February 23rd, 2019/ Saturday February 23rd, 2019

Today, within the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, the section of sports journalists was reestablished. The Section will deal with the rights of the sports journalists, their protection and working conditions on all locations where our colleagues carry out their duties, both before domestic and international sports associations and federations.

At today’s gathering in AJM, there were about fifty sports journalists from almost all editorials and from all kinds of media, and there were also some veterans of sports journalism.

The President of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia Mladen Chadikovski said that AJM as a reputable and oldest journalistic organization in the country will be a wind in the back of the section of sports journalists in order to improve the conditions for journalists’ work and more efficient representation in front of domestic and international organizations.

At the same time, a temporary management body was appointed for the section consisting of Pero Momirovski, Safet Ademi and Vladko Arsov. They pledged to restore the reputation of the section, in order to provide optimum working conditions within the stadiums, for professional performance of the work of sports journalists, as well as better communication with clubs and federations.

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