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AJM condemns threats to journalists from 1TV by the businessman Azmanov

Monday January 21st, 2019Monday January 21st, 2019/ Monday January 21st, 2019

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia strongly condemns the verbal threat against journalists and the editor of 1TV Aco Kabranov by the businessman Zoran Azmanov. These threats represent a brutal violation of journalists’ rights and an attempt to censor media that observes critically the work of the business community.

We urge the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Public Prosecution of Macedonia to actively monitor this incident in order to solve the case as fast as possible. Only by sanctioning the attacks and threats the institutions can prevent further violence against journalists.

We remind that if the citizens think that the media informs them unprofessionally, they can address the Council of Honor at the AJM, as well as the Council of Media Ethics. Self-regulation in the media is the best way to protect citizens from eventual unprofessional journalism and unprincipled work of the media.

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