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Staff changes in the MRT Program Council

Friday January 5th, 2018Friday January 5th, 2018/ Friday January 5th, 2018

The Program Council of the Macedonian Radio-television has elected a new president. At the last session before New Year’s Eve, the Program Council accepted the resignation of current president Snezhana Klincharova, and  appointed Smilka Janeska-Sarkanjac as new president of the Council.

The professor at the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering – Skopje, Smilka Janeska-Sarkanjac is a member of the Council proposed by the Inter-University Conference.

After professor Sarkanjac was elected, the current President Klincharova, announced her resignation as a member of the Program Council, as an act of disapproval of the decision.

The current vice-president of the Program Council, Agim Leka was relived from duty at the same session, and the member of the Program Council proposed by AJM, the editor-in-chief of the daily Koha, Vedat Memedaliu, was elected. 

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