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New leadership of AJM elected

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Monday December 17th, 2018Monday December 17th, 2018/ Monday December 17th, 2018

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia two days ago held a regular Election Assembly where they were elected: new president of the Association, members of the Managing and Supervisory Board, as well as members of the Council of Honor.

The Assembly went well, without any problems in a democratic atmosphere, where the members of the Association freely voted for the proposed candidates.

Mladen Chadikovski won the trust of the membership and was elected as the new president of the Association. He got the support of 86 votes out of 169 attendees, while the other candidate, Stole Naumov, got 77 votes.

As members in the Managing board, according to the number of votes were chosen:

  1. Filjana Koka
  2. Furkan Saliu
  3. Srecko Popovski
  4. Adnan Hajdari
  5. Sashka Cvetkovska
  6. Mishko Ivanov
  7. Sashko Dimevski
  8. Benjamin Arifi
  9. Slobodanka Jovanovska
  10. Zoran Dimitrovski

As members in the Supervisory board, according to the number of votes were chosen:

  1. Meri Jordanovska
  2. Adrian Kerimi
  3. Natasha Stojanovska
  4. Semi Mehmeti
  5. Irena Mulachka

As members in the Council of Honor, according to the number of votes were chosen:

  1. Mira Kostic
  2. Semra Jakupi
  3. Arben Zeqiri
  4. Senad Zilbeari
  5. Goran Lefkov

Apart from the election of the managing bodies of the Association, during the event the financial report and the report on the work of the AJM were presented, as well as the main results of the project “Journalists’ Network for Media Freedoms in Macedonia”, which was supported by the EU and implemented by the AJM in the last three years.

Congratulations to the newly elected president also came from the European Federation of Journalists, which asked from the new president to continue to work in the best interest of Macedonian journalists. At the same time, EFJ praised the former president of AJM – Naser Selmani for his work and commitment to the freedom of media and human rights.

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