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The cycle of trainings for young journalists started

Friday April 12th, 2019Friday April 12th, 2019/ Friday April 12th, 2019

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia in cooperation with Alfred Friendly Press Partners started with the trainings for young journalists. This cycle of trainings is supported by the US Embassy in North Macedonia, and aims to improve the journalistic skills of a group of young journalists.

At the opening of the first training, the President of AJM Mladen Chadikovski spoke to the young journalists. He told them that through these trainings they will learn new skills which will enable them to do their job more effectively. “This way we expect in the future these journalists to give a positive example on how journalists in the Republic of North Macedonia should report, and thus we will get a better informed audience and public,” said Chadikovski.

In total, five workshops will be held in different cities in the country, and will cover topics such as: data-driven in-depth reporting, mobile journalism, production of audio and video materials, effective story presentations etc.

After the completion of the training cycle, except for the valuable knowledge that young journalists will use in their future, the participants will gain certificates for successfully completed trainings as well.

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